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Guy ~ Best Friend

I think a lot of you can relate or like, wish you could relate.. I feel so lucky to have a guy best friend like he is.. I mean someone who will make me feel beautiful even for a little bit even when i hate myself, make me feel special when I think I’m nothing.. Someone to pick me up when I’ve fallen.. Someone who’s always there to pick up my broken pieces even if he might gets hurt by them.. Someone who saves your life all the time and never lets you get lost <3 Someone who knows exactly how to cheer you up and also knows exactly what you need to hear.. Sometimes he will tease you too but you know he’s just teasing :3 Someone you can just play video games with and he just lets you win because he knows how much you hate losing and how happy you’ll be when you win:3 Someone you can just sit there and have deep talks with..Someone who shows you everyday how important you are to him and how proud & thankful he is for having you as his best friend.. Someone who you can call up every time you are hurt or when your sad & crying and he’ll somehow make you feel better in less than 5 minutes.. Someone who’ll act like your big brother, gets over protective with you and always gets worried about you even when its the smallest things.. Someone who will give you those long hugs when you need them the most.. Someone who will text you randomly that he loves you and light up ur whole day<3 Someone who brings out the best in you<3 Someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself<3 Someone who can understand your sense of humor and have inside jokes with<3 Someone you can act silly with and you dont have to worry about it <3 Someone who you’ll be so alike with <3 Someone who will sit right next to you and watch a whole romantic/drama movie even if there’s better things to watch on tv<3 Someone who you know will always be there for you and will NEVER leave you <3

Wow it turned out really long sorry:/ That’s basically my guy best friend<3 Im so lucky to have him in my life <3 comment bellow about your best friend and if there’s anything alike<3 

Thank you for everything my dear best friend <3 I love you <3

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